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Episode 15: Dinner for 8 - The Table of Truth

Episode 15: Dinner for 8
ToT Staff
  • On September 27, 2011

The 30+ Series continues with “Dinner for 8”. The fellas are joined by 4 intelligent and beautiful ladies: Ms. Phia [twitter] of Ms. Phia Presents…, Writer Zayda Rivera [link, twitter], Designer Michelle Roque [link, twitter], and Dash Harris [link, twitter] of Venus Genus [twitter]. It’s a round table discussion about the difference between girls, chicks, dames, broads, and women, male and female mis/communication, double standards on both sides, women with daddy issues, dating your friends exes, and dispelling myths about woman on woman sex and cheating. Does having sex hurt or benefit the friendship between male and female friends?

The ladies and fellas have a good balance discussion that does not fall into the typical “battle of the sexes” nonsense . Another fun one, enjoy!

30+ is our four part series about things you need to know by the time you are 30.

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